I contributed a short piece to Completely London’s ‘Beauty’ issue, on a retro hair salon.


The Powder Room, 34 Marshall Street, London W1

‘Kate Moss has a lot to answer for,’ Dominika, the pink uniformed Powderpuff Girl who’s tending to my ‘up do’, remarks, in reference to the supermodel’s ‘bed hair’ look. The Powder Room exists to promote concepts of beauty from more glamorous eras, tapping into the trend for all things retro since it opened three years ago. With its mirrors surrounded by theatre style lightbulbs and big pots of cream, the salon evokes a 1950s dressing room, inspiring visitors to succumb to the role of screen goddess, at least for an evening.

From the lookbook of eight styles, I had chosen the Vera: ‘victory rolls’, as epitomised by Vera Lynn, a look that has been popular at London’s regular Blitz parties. Other available styles include the Audrey, based on Hepburn’s French roll from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Veronica: sexy waves à la Veronica Lake. Dominika reaches for the hairspray, which is used in copious quantities for my ‘speedy hairdo’ (£20). thepowderpuffgirls.com